"The ULTIMATE guide to becoming a GUITAR VIRTUOSO"


Take your guitar abilities to the next level!

Finally! Everything you have ever wanted to know about mastering the guitar.


  • Over 25 insane chapters of material covering everything from technique to developing your own sound.

  • Develop a winning mindset that will guarantee your success as a guitarist!

  • Discover the secrets to achieving your goals.

Only $24.95

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From: Joel Wanasek, Creator of www.InsaneGuitar.com

Dear Guitarist,

Have you always wanted to master the guitar?

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Guitar Virtuoso is essential for any serious guitarist looking to master his craft.  It's rare that a world class virtuoso guitarist, such as Joel Wanasek, takes the time to share all his secrets behind the highest level of guitar playing and musicianship.

Unlike most books written by master musicians, this one won't leave you overwhelmed or even more confused after you read it.  Instead, you will find yourself inspired to get up and practice, armed with the secrets, knowledge and inspiration you get from Joel's instruction both in the book and in the motivational audio seminar. This book is a must have!
- Mike Philippov
, Virtuoso Guitarist

Most guitarists want to master the guitar, but how many of them actually do? Mastering the guitar can be an insanely difficult ordeal. There is so much information out there that it is mind boggling to even know where to start! Often, guitarists get confused in their path to master the instrument. It is all too easy to pick up bad advice and develop bad habits that can severely hinder progress. There are so many people who play guitar, yet so few who actually become virtuosos.

Most guitar books teach you a whole array of licks. They are all the same: "Here is a lick in the style of _____." Here are all the scales in D. Here are all the permutations of e--1-2-3-4-- that you can play. How does that help you master the guitar? The simple fact of the matter is that almost no book on the market really teaches you the actual secrets of the mechanics behind mastering guitar and the philosophies that will make you successful in learning them.

What if there was a solution to this problem?

Well, the time has finally come! If all these other guitar books are the "what" to practice, The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso is the how, why, when, and where part. The secrets to mastering the guitar are revealed. “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso” contains everything you need to know to become an unstoppable guitar god!

"This book is an absolute essential for any guitar player at any level. It basically tells you what you need to know as a guitar player and tips on how to be successful as well as a good person. I've learned more from a few chapters in this book than I have from 2 years of music school. This book is the guitar players bible!!!" - Charlie Wepfer, Guitarist - Milwaukee WI

Are you interested in getting actual results when you practice?

Are you interested in learning the secrets behind wicked technique?

Are you interested in being able to communicate your emotions more effectively through your playing?

Are you interested in learning the true secret behind permanent motivation?

Are you interested in learning about how to be a master on stage and how to stun your crowds?

Are you interested in learning how to put together an effective band and actually succeed in the music business?

Are you interested in learning valuable life lessons that can help make you an unstoppable force that can accomplish any of your dreams and desires?

Are you interested in getting better tones in the recording studio?

Would you like to know the secret to having incredible endurance and finger strength?

Are you struggling with a particular technique like alternate picking?

These are just some of the many questions that will be revealed to you in this book! The range of topics covered in “The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso” is so wide that any guitarist can learn something from it. It doesn’t matter if you picked up guitar for the 1st time yesterday or you are already a master axe slinger, there is truly something for everyone! The technique section of the book is slightly geared towards guitarist in the rock/metal/blues genres. However, do not be fooled by this! This book is universal and all guitarists in every genre can learn from it! Never before has there been such a wealth of knowledge about the guitar compiled in one place! This is truly an opportunity you do not want to pass up.

"Joel, your book is incredible! I've never seen anything published for guitar that even comes close. In 2 weeks, my picking chops nearly doubled in speed after following your advice. Thank you!" - Matt Jones, Guitarist - Boston MA

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso extensively covers the following topics:

SECTION I – Philosophy

  1. Guitar Philosophy
  2. How to Practice Correctly
  3. Finding Motivation
  4. Avoiding Injury
  5. Body building and Guitar Playing
  6. Ego and Attitude

SECTION II – Technical and Musical Development

  1. How to Properly Use a Metronome
  2. Picking Techniques
  3. Legato Technique
  4. 2 Handed Techniques
  5. Miscellaneous Techniques
  6. Vibrato
  7. Bending Technique
  8. The Real Secrets to Insane Speed
  9. Techniques to Stimulate Creativity
  10. Thoughts on Music Theory
  11. How to Write Better Guitar Solos

SECTION III – Completing the Package

  1. Guitar Setup Tips
  2. Live Performance
  3. Recording Studio Tips
  4. Protecting Your Hearing and Ear Training
  5. Putting Together an Effective Band
  6. Business and Networking
  7. Become an Autodidact
  8. A Recipe for Success

With all this incredible information in just one book, it is almost overwhelming! But, the excitement doesn’t stop here! When we said that this book has everything, we really meant it. So, why stop there? Not only are there 25 hard hitting chapters, but as an added bonus, “The Ultimate Guide To Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso” contains a 36 minute audio seminar covering 5 inspiring topics!

That’s right!

36 minutes of inspiring audio lecture covering essential topics like the real secret of permanent motivation, how to take your playing to the next level, and what it takes to make it in the music industry.

For only $24.95 you can have a whole lifetime of guitar knowledge at your fingertips! Think about it! For a price lower than a few packs of guitar strings, a tank of gas in a small car, or a single hour guitar lesson with a local teacher, you can make an investment in yourself that will last you a lifetime! Guitarists spend thousands of dollars on amp, guitars, and pedals, but why not invest in something you will never throw away or that will never break: your playing:

"Your book is the best money I have ever spent. Thank your for writing this Joel. It has helped my guitar playing tremendously." - Rob Carpenter, Guitarist - Los Angles CA

This sort of advice is priceless! Guitarists shell out top dollar to take lessons from great virtuosos. So, why not save yourself the time and money and do it right the first time? Never before has a guitarist had access to this sort of knowledge in one concentrated place. Do yourself and your guitar playing a favor and give yourself the tools to take your playing through the roof!  However, don't take our word for it, here is what guitarists are saying about The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso:

"This is not a standard guide to becoming a "master of guitar". The book is not a big compilation of exercises, but of advice and philosophy for a guitarist. This book ain't gonna walk you to being a guitar virtuoso, instead it will show you the way there. I have listened to the audio seminar that came with the book last evening, and that night I had little sleep. The topics Joel discussed in that seminar were very deep, and they left me thinking. I started seeing flaws that I have had in my practicing, thinking, and behaving that I would certainly not want there.
Most importantly some of the advice you could apply to yourself not just as a musician, but also as a human being.

The book itself is full of invaluable advices that range from practice efficiency to dealing with sound guys at gigs. I strongly recommend getting it. It costs only 24$, and to me it seems an unfair deal for Joel. The content is worth much, much, much more. Reading this book may save you from trouble in your life as a guitar player, be it hand injuries or even problems in the music industry. It will show you the way to acquiring not only motivation to become a great player, but just anything in life."
  Dmitry Torkin, Guitarist - Iceland

"I was really blown away when I read your book Joel. There is so much great information that it is almost overwhelming. I've read it 3 times already and I learn something new every time." - James Moskel, Guitarist -  Rochester NY

"Ever since I picked up your book, I haven't been able to put it down. It has really inspired me and is helping me improve greatly. Thank you so much for putting this out. It is totally badass!"  Steve Dobson, Guitarist - Cincinnati, OH

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso” contains a Winzip file with:

  • 25 Chapters (~50,000 words, 130+ pages) in pdf format

  • 5 topic audio lecture in high bit rate mp3 format

If you would like to order via postal money order and have the eBook delivered via CD Rom, then add $3.50 for shipping and handling and email joel(at)joelwanasek.com for further details.

Book Review from Tinfoil.net:

"Joel Wanasek, the award-winning creator of the instructional web-site Insane Guitar and lead guitarist for the band Silvergun, has been known in guitar circles for years as a top-flight player and instructor. He is also the owner of a successful recording studio, and produces dozens of musical acts a year. He has also decided to write a book to help others learn to play at their best - to become, pardon the phrase, all they can be.

The book is "
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Guitar Virtuoso".

"Virtuoso" is a download-able e-book that is worth every penny and more.

This book is NOT the average "how to" book. Not by a long shot. Bluntly, this book is not for everyone...especially those who just want 48 pages of cool licks or "secret" exercises that will magically turn them into their favorite player. This book, used properly, will make you take a long, honest look at yourself, your motivations, your strengths, your weaknesses, and more. It will ask you to change your attitudes, change your methods, change your habits, and more. It will tell you how to practice, what to practice, and why to practice. It discusses your technique, your gear, and what's in your head.

Joel's "Virtuoso Guide" contains 24 chapters crammed into three sections - 131 pages plus a 6-part streaming MP3 sound file (audio seminar) on motivation. Chapter 3 alone (the audio seminar) is worth the cost of the book. Chapters include How to Practice Correctly, Avoiding Injury, Ego & Attitude (from section 1), Picking Techniques, Vibrato, Speed (from section 2), Guitar Setup, Live Performance, Recording (from section 3), and sooo much more.

Joel's approach is not to get you to spend your hard-earned cash on magic that doesn't work, but focuses on how to work efficiently so that you can earn the magic...and fast. "Virtuoso" starts not with exercises and licks, but with why and how you approach practicing. This is to prepare you for the fierce work that comes in section 2...the section everyone is expecting when they buy a book like this. Here, Joel really digs in and delivers the goods. From practice to performance, Joel gives a very comprehensive list of most guitar techniques - from different types of vibrato to whammy tricks to touchstyle techniques to "weird noises". He also discuses speed and creativity, music theory, composition, and more. This section will keep you busy for a long time!

The final section, "Putting it All Together", deals with your playing, but also with business, forming a band, and other crucial items.

All in all, my biggest critique is the name of the book. It is FAR more than just a book on becoming a great player. The bottom line is this: If you are a guitarist who aspires to not only great technique, but to learning to be a working musician, this book is a great investment!"


Joel Wanasek has been teaching guitar for over 14 years and is an award winning guitar instructor. His website www.insaneguitar.com has served hundreds of thousands of guitarists from all around the world since 1999, as well as won recognition from authorities on guitar instruction like Troy Stetina. Joel also plays in the rock band Silvergun and owns a commercial recording studio in Milwaukee, WI. He has written and sold songs to major organizations like The Bristol Speedway (NASCAR), The Atlanta Falcons, etc...

To hear Joel play: www.myspace.com/joelwanasek  http://www.myspace.com/silvergunonline